An intelligent, next generation, accurate GPS bus tracking solution integrated with the student ID cards, designed for high ease of use and accuracy. Know the exact location of any particular school bus, confirm the child's presence on the bus, ensure when the bus is nearing a particular bus stop, get notified on any updates - all with a single click in your mobile app or in the internet browser.

The child can be tracked using a simple click in a mobile app or browser, and also it facilitates informing the parents proactively on pickup and drop-off trip notifications, thus enabling better communication between the school and the parent.
The system has been extensively tested for many real world scenarios, with multiple trip combinations, thus developing a comprehensive, fool-proof and safe solution, trusted by many schools in the UAE.

Benefits for Parents and School

Safe and Secure

Continuous, reliable tracking of the child ensuring peace of mind is made possible using uTraak.


The parents can locate the bus, and need not waste time waiting for the school bus to pickup or drop off the child.

Prompt Communication

Get notified for the boarding & drop-off for morning pickup and afternoon drop offs.