Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics are vital to our future and the future of our children. CES understands the importance of this interdisciplinary method aimed at helping youngsters develop vital transferable skills and learning across subjects, through experimentation, critical thinking and creativity.

In support of this wider campaign of innovation and enterprise, CES offers schools a range of STEAM projects including:

  • Aeromodelling – the design, construction and flying of model airplanes using a variety of materials
  • Rocketry – building and launching of various sized rockets designed to reach an altitude of around 200m (subject to local governmental permission)
  • Robotics – a branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback and information processing
  • Coding - a simple form of programming that teaches children logical thinking in a fun way.
  • Drones - this is going to be the wave of the future- Children will use Coding to automate the Flight of the Drone and learn WPP, FPV. Telemetry etc.
  • Space Technology - with the recent success of UAE with the Khalifsat satellite,, Training of UAE Astronauts for the ISS Mission and the UAE Mars “Hope” Mission we have developed an exciting Space Program for school kids.
  • FREE! Science Teachers STEM Training Program for Schools!
  • Innovation Labs - we will set up a beautiful and functional Innovation lab at your School and train your designated staff to run it.
  • STEM Workshops - check out our unique and exciting Junior/Senior Engineer Program which can be conducted as an after school activity or in regular school hours through the Innovation Lab.
  • Summer/Winter Camps - please contact us for more information.